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4.10 JMS Adapter


SKYVVA JMS Adapter provides a new level of standards-based control over your data, making it easy to extend the power of any JMS-compliant system by performing sophisticated data transformations, conducting in-depth analysis, or applying diagnostics, including error handling, logging, notification, and reporting.


The SKYVVA  JMS  Adapter can be used to obtain messages from a remote JMS queue and inject those messages. At the moment, UltraESB supports JMS specification 1.0.2+ and if users are using any proprietary JMS server it MUST be compatible with the 1.0.2+ specification.

When users in obtaining a message from the queue you can use a transaction to make sure, that no message is lost. The sample use cases below depict the two integration flows with transactions.

All standard JMS operations are supported

  • Send data to a queue or topic and receive confirmation responses
  • Listen for messages to process data in real-time
  • Browse  from a queue to get information
  • Publish a topic for subscribers
  • Transform data as needed with any operation

SKYVVA JMS Adapter helps achieve asynchronous communication between loosely coupled systems quickly, with the added benefit of data transformations. Using the SKYVVA JMS Adapter, users can easily push data to a topic or queue and perform operations on a schedule or process urgent messages immediately. Gain a way to build new analytics and reporting capabilities that will lead to important company insights, or use diagnostics to help streamline day-to-day business operations. You can apply priority processing to specific records in queues and topics.

–  Inbound JMS Adapter

–  Outbound JMS Adapter

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