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2. How to install the Agent?



User can install any combination of monitoring agents on a managed system. For example, if user install the Monitoring Agent for MySQL for monitoring MySQL servers, user might want to also install the Response Time Monitoring Agent to gather more response time information for your cloud applications. User might also want to install the Monitoring Agent for Windows OS to monitor other aspects of your system, such as the overall CPU, memory, and disk.

Open a terminal shell session on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. The agents must be installed on the system where the application that you want to monitor is installed. If needed, transfer the installation archive file to the system to be monitored. The archive file contains the agents and installation script.

On the  Agent machine, if user install third-party tools that utilize the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) agents for byte code injection, you might encounter issues. SKYVVA will not provide support for such issues that arise due to the usage of third-party tools.


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