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3.10 Merge XML files

3.10.1 Merge XML files

Generally user is always export data as files such as CSV, XML and Excel from Salesforce via Skyvva Agent Integration.  There are two options to export the data.

1. Export file from batches base means that 1 Batch = 1 File

Ex:  We have 100 records for exporting and then we input value packet size= 20, so 1 batch contain 20 records,  100 records= 5 batches the result after export we will get 5 files, please see screenshot below:


The result after processing finished

2. Collect data from batches for 1 file only mean that when user exports data from salesforce all data has merged into a file.

Navigate to agent to check the flag Merge File

Click Process button on agent to export data from Salesforce

The result after export data from salesforce


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