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3.1.1 Add function LAST_INTERFACE_DATE() for outbound direction

In the previous version, “LAST_INTEGRATION_DATE” function is created to specific for SKYVVA inbound direction. Additionally, outbound direction is required to add in order to complete the lacking of functionally. This function allow user to retrieve or query the new records which have been modified after the last run date with Agent. You can export data from Salesforce to SQL Server with syntax: $LAST_INTERFACE_DATETIME().

To configure the function, there are some steps should be followed:

  1. Enter Query section on Interface Source Definition. Use $LAST_INTERFACE _DATETIME() to query data from SQL Server that focus on column Lastdate

2.  Set scheduler to process on Agent

You can monitor this function by:

  1. Enter Salesforce and go to Integration page. Click on Interface tab and check the result of data which you had process.

2. After the schedule done process it creates file automatically in Agent file location.

User can see that screenshot above show File cache datetime after scheduler completed

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