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3. Features

Add function LAST_INTERFACE_DATE() for outbound direction : In the previous version, “LAST_INTEGRATION_DATE” function is created to specific for SKYVVA inbound direction. Additionally, outbound direction is required to add in order to complete the lacking of functionally. This function allow user to retrieve or query the new records which have been modified after the last run date with Agent. You can export data from Salesforce to SQL Server with syntax: $LAST_INTERFACE_DATETIME().

Proxy Configuration : Since proxy configuration manually isn’t good enough, we have come up with the concept of creating configuration screen for proxy. Agent will update batch file automatically after the “Save” button is clicked.

All check boxes on Agent UI need to click directly : This feature is mentioned how the radio buttons is immediately checked when the mouse pointer is being click near them. To be prevented, all checkbox are clicked directly. As the screenshot is shown below, the mouse pointer isn’t immediately check as before when it’s near the checkbox.

Make flag Use Auto Switch highest priority : There are four ways to integrate data from Agent to Salesforce which are:

  • Use Auto-Switch Mode
  • BULK Mode
  • Batch Mode
  • And Normal Mode.

Agent log file will log by each integration : Every processed integration will log separately in log file. Each integration’s files will have .log at the end. e.g Test.integration.log.

Manual Processing do like Schedule Processing : Agent manually processing is still lacking and need usability improvement as scheduling processing. Since manually processing is worked with adapter properties name (Delete File After Processing) only, we have come up with more ways to enhance the process with other adapter properties name. The new logic is redesigned.

Lock -> Processing -> Unlock : The big file is took too long to run when process with the first scheduler, then the next schedule start to run and fetch the same file (file was not lock by first process). To be prevented, the logic is applied for other parallel running process.

Create Button „Test Integrate“ near Button „Process“ : “Test Integration” button is now reappear in Integration Detail among other buttons. This button is supportive both inbound and outbound interface, its maximum is 50 records for testing. The functionality of this button is as effective as before.

Flag „Automatic data processing“ don’t use anymore : “Automatic data processing” flag is removed from Agent UI’s message setup in Integration detail.  “Schedule Mode” flag is included in Scheduling detail page to deliver two types of schedule process which are “Processing” and “Reprocessing”. These two schedule modes are variant for usability, more user friendly, which mean user can change dynamically.  Processing is a mode that run both inbound and outbound data (Raw data) while Reprocessing is a scheduler which reprocess for outbound fail message only. This scheduler is set to run with flag “Run at” and “Run every”.

Change checkbox to Drop down list in adapter property (Inbound) : All checkbox flags are changed to radio button in adapter property. These radio buttons are allowed to check once. User can’t check two or three radio button at the same time.

Merge XML files : Generally user is always export data as files such as CSV, XML and Excel from Salesforce via Skyvva Agent Integration.

Importing Content Documents and Attachments with XML : As customer demanding is our concerned, Content Documents and Attachment with XML is now being developed. The logic is the same with CSV file to import those contents. This enhancement support files using Content Version.

Agent with the own folder for java : To get rid of some problem which customer has face, Agent offers a new solution. AgentUI come out with the own folder for java. The latest version of java have a whole package which independent. It won’t rely on JRE/JDK.



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