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2.6 Integration Scheduling

2.6.1 Integration Scheduling

  • Create Integration

  • Click on Interface

  • Click on Open Mapping Button

  • Select Ext ID
  • Save

Go to Agent

On the Integration Control Board, click on “Integration Scheduling”:

Choose the integration name, Interface name and Integration Direction you want to schedule among (“Agent-SF” | “SF-Agent”).

Set the schedule through the screen.


After schedule the agent, click “Save”. And it will ask to restart the agent service.

Daily Frequency

  • Run at: This option allow user to specify exactly at when he want to Integration Agent running.
  • Run every: This option is used for frequency of running schedule. It can be set to every ”Hours” or every ”Minutes” and user can specify
  • Do not change the last parts of the SQLite records (“com.iservice.integration.IntegrationOnDemandService”; “com.iservice.integration.IntegrationSF2AgentService false”; “com.iservice.integration.IntegrationSF2AgentService true”)
  • It is recommended to change the schedules thru the UI.
  • The auto data processing SQLite record is always fixed (scheduled for every hour as like on SF Integration thru the tick of the field “Automatic Data processing”
  • How Auto data processing crobtab works/is enabled?

Step 1: Through UI, user needs to tick the field “Automatic data processing” as shown in the figure below:

Step 2: Configuration of Integration Scheduler for SF – Agent

Go to Salesforce Org

  • Click on Message Monitoring Tab
  • Select Integration Name
  • Select Interface Name
  • OK

  • Scroll down and click on button Search
  • See Attachment has been created

In the crontab file, the user will get the following crontab records:


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