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2. Agent architecture and component


Agent Component & detail : There are different types of component and these component are very important that user have to go through.

  • Integration.properties
  • Logs file
  • SKYVVA agent.bat
  • SKYVVA Integration Agent Service

How to run Integration Agent

  • Integration Properties Setup
  • Integration Wizard

File Base Integration (CSV, Excel, XML, FTP) : File-base Integration includes CSV, Excel, XML, and FTP Integration.

  • SF – Agent: CSV Integration
  • SF – Agent: FTP Integration

Database Integration (JDBC) : Database Integration includes Oracle, SQL Server, Ms Access, and MySQL Integration.

  • SF – Agent: JDBC Oracle Integration
  • Agent – SF: JDBC Oracle Integration
  • MySQL Integration
  • Oracle Integration
  • SQL Server Integration
  • Access Integration 

Integration Scheduling : SKYVVA, operations can be executed a number of ways, such as manually, automatically via an API call, or automatically via a schedule. This Integration Control Board setting up a schedule to run user operation automatically.

Schedules contain information about when an operation will automatically be activated. SKYVVA lets user define virtually any type of schedule you need, such as every Monday at 5 pm, the last Monday , or every hour for one day.

File and Content : With Adapter CSV, Excel, Xml, and FTP, we have two File Upload Mode to choose:

  • CONTENT: use for integrate content in the file like CSV, Excel, and Xml.
  • FILE: use for integrate file attachment into Attachment Object.


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