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4.7 File name with Merge file

4.7.1 File name with Merge file

For Outbound interface on AgentUI should carry field File Name as like as inbound interface.

If user wants to put the file name, user must be check on merge file for Outbound interface on AgentUI.


Case 1: Outbound interface with standard processing

  • Create integration and interface

Go to Agent

  • Integration Wizard
  • Select properties File
  • Choose Integration
  • Click on Edit Interface button

  • Choose a path of a folder
  • Write a Query
  • Click on Test Query button
  • Save

  • Go back to Salesforce Org.
  • Select your Interface
  • Scroll down to mapping section
  • Click on Auto Mapping Button
  • Select Ext ID
  • Save

  • Now Select Interface on Agent UI
  • Click on Process Button

  • Congratulation Process Completed
  • Press OK button

  • Here is Result


Case 2: Outbound Interface processing with File Name

  • Go to Agent Wizard
  • Select & click on Edit Interface button
  • Check Merge File checkbox
  • Paste File name
  • File Size 1
  • Save

  • Select Interface
  • Click on Process Button

  • Press OK button

  • Here is the result

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