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  5. 4.4 Button Process inform with status of interface „Development“

4.4 Button Process inform with status of interface „Development“

4.4.1 Button Process inform with status of interface „Development“

AgentUI has not inform to user when interface’s status is equal to Development, otherwise user will confuse all data is processed successfully

Let us create an Integration which contain one Interface (Interface Account)

  • Create Integration

  • Create Interface

  • Browse, upload & save CSV or XML file
  • Do mapping & save IStructure(AccountName, AccountNo, Billing_City, Billing_Country, Billing_Street)

  • Now Go to Integration Wizard on AgentUI to export data from Salesforce

  • Click on Integration Properties Setup
  • Fill your credentials (Username, Password, Security Token)
  • Test Salesforce Connection
  • See (Info: The connection to salesforce was successful)
  • It means Agent & Salesforce Org is connected
  • Save

  • All data has been saved successfully
  • Click ‚ok ‚
  • Now go to Integration Setup Wizard

  • Select our Integration Name

  • Select your Interface
  • Click on Process Button

  • Now the dialogue box is popup
  • That indicates “Please change the status Development to Deployed“ during user created the Interface


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