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4.2 JDBC with database type PostgreSQL

How to configure PostgreSQL to connection with Skyvva/Salesforce via Agent

4.2.1  Navigate to Pgadmin UI create personal PostgreSQL

  • Fill the required fields

  • See User got new PostgreSQL after created

  • Now create new table for database

  • Fill the required fields


  • User got new table after created


4.2.2  Navigate to Skyvva/Salesforce UI to create integration & interface for exporting data PostgreSQL

  • User create new Interface after created

4.2.3  Navigate  AgentUI connect postgreSQL  & Skyvva/Salesforce

  • Fill The required fields such as Adapter & field requirement from PostSQL
  • Click on the interface to connect with table from PostgreSQL
  • Click on button query editor to select fields for query data from salesforce

  • Click on button Save to finish the configuration
  • Go back to the interface in Skyvva/Salesforce to do mapping

  • Go back to AgentUI process data from Salesforce into PostgreSQL

  • Result on the PostgreSQL after Agent processing

  • Export data from salesforce to PostgreSQL is successfully

4.2.4  Import data from PostgreSQL into Salesforce database

  • Go to PostgreSQL to create new table & records

  • Enter records for table

  • Go to Skyvva/Salesforce to create new inbound interface

  • Go to Interface on AgentUI to connect table from PostgreSQL for IStructure fields interface

  • The result after query column of table postgreSQL

  • Click “Save“
  • Go to Skyvva/Salesforce to do mapping for interface

  • Go to Agent to process data from PostgreSQL into salesforce database

Name of table & Name of the column user must write as lowercase letter
For the purpose of this, we will be using a relational database (Postgres) and SaaS data source (Salesforce) as our data sources. The goal is to demonstrate the simplicity of our Progress Data Direct JDBC drivers for Postgres and Salesforce for connecting and retrieving the data, irrespective of type of the data source.


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