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4. Advanced Features

Fractioned .XML files : Generally user is always export data files as CSV, XML & Excel from Salesforce via Skyvva Agent Integration

JDBC with database type PostgreSQL : For the purpose of this, we will be using a relational database (Postgres) and SaaS data source (Salesforce) as our data sources. The goal is to demonstrate the simplicity of our Progress Data Direct JDBC drivers for Postgres and Salesforce for connecting and retrieving the data, irrespective of type of the data source.

New or reschedule entries on AgentUI without restart Agent service : User can set scheduler for Integration or Interface during other scheduler of integration or interface is running, the Agent service has not restarted services.

Button Process inform with status of interface “Development” : The button process on AgentUI has not inform to user when interface’s status is equal to Development, otherwise user will confuse all data is processed successfully

Export data without header for Agent Component : User can export data from Salesforce without header with Agent, can export data without header with Adapter Type = File, FTP and File Type = CSV, Excel file.



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