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Agent Old Administration Guide


Agent Old Administration Guide using Agent Control Board 

Up to Version 1.48



Many network and server monitoring solutions use what are called “Agents” to get values from the machines they are monitoring. Agents are programs that run on the remote machines and communicate with the main monitoring system. Some merchant try to hide the fact that they use Agents. They will try to deliver things like they “deploy” to remote systems or use other words, but it all compress to installing custom software on the remote machines.

This guide gives our user an cosmetic overview of Administration part to maintain our SKYVVA Agent software. Guide also explains to user, How to install SKYVVA Agent software (New version) ,features and working.


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System Requirement with Windows Server

This details system requirements that apply to SKYVVA Data Loader.



These are required for SKYVVA Data Loader installation on a Windows system:

  • Windows updates: Install all Windows security and ‘critical’ updates prior to installing or upgrading SKYVVA Data Loader. There are known Microsoft issues when installing on systems that don’t have the latest updates .
  • NTFS: The install partition must be NTFS-formatted.
  • Compression: It is not recommended to use Windows compression on the SKYVVA folder or temp folder on the machine where SKYVVA is installed and running because of the I/O involved by the nature of an integration application. Using Windows compression may drastically slow down processing of SKYVVA operations/transformations.

Operating System Requirements

SKYVVA recommends these operating system specifications for SKYVVA Data Loader.

NOTE: SKYVVA automatically installs the required Java Runtime Environment specifically for SKYVVA to use so that it does not conflict with other Java installations that may already be installed.


SKYVVA Data Loader is supported  Windows server

Hardware Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for hardware and virtual machines for SKYVVA Data Loader:

  • Quad-core and up processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB hard drive space free
  • Minimum of 50 megabytes/second transfer rate on the hard drive
  • High-speed Internet connection 24×7
  • Optimal configuration of the system and overall environment

WARNING: If not optimally configured, sporadic and unpredictable problems can result from poor disk IO, limited/out of memory, limited/out of disk space, power failures, and/or abrupt system restarts.


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