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Our data integration solutions and product lines consist of a variety of connectors for each integration scenario. In addition, Apsara Consulting GmbH is also strongly represented in the SAP Consulting and Salesforce Consulting area. 

Data Integration SKYVVA Solutions


The right connector

ERP Connect

Behind the 360-degree customer, the view is the idea of...

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MuleSoft Connect

With the MuleSoft Connect we have with SKYVVA a service,...

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Cloud Connect

Our Cloud Connect Pack connects any type of cloud application...

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Middleware Connect

SKYVVA is often used in addition to the existing middleware...

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Data Loader

The Free Data Loader offers you the immediate use of your data...

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Custom Connect

Here, your customer-specific requirements can be met according to...

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HTTP Connect

The meaning of web servers and/or HTTP servers should be clear ...

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Any Connect

With SKYVVA Any Connect any data integration of types can be...

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E-Mail Connect

External business partners or employees in the home office who do not have access to...

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Consulting in the SAP & Salesforce environment



Apsara Consulting GmbH has been offering consulting services in the SAP development environment and in the integration environment since its foundation. 

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SKYVVA Partner Salesforce


We support you in all questions around the Salesforce platform architecture with its cloud specific features. Find out more about our services.

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