Bring on-premise business value into the cloud

Prevent business disruption with SAP

Enable business agility with SAP

Providing 360 degree of business visibility

Stay connected with current and consistent data of SAP Business Suite

Reduce TCO through integrated system

sap and salesforce

Today changing world demand an agile business collaboration across platform that complements and extends the SAP Business Suite sitting inside company boundary. Working on digital cloud without integration to back office environment and enterprise core business processes mostly provided by SAP Business Suite disrupt the business value chain causing financial nightmare.
Bringing digital cloud platform to extend on-premise and back office world need a seamless integration and is the ultimate approach to overcome business disruption and enable business agility.

No need to buy, install or administrate third-party middleware

Same Look & Feel like other Salesforce native Apps

No effort to trained user for new UI

Single sign on to and stay working there without jumping between different login

All tool for design, development and configuration of the integration is inside

Native monitoring and Error-Analyzing enable seamless and easy way to find and fix error

All SKYVVA services is built on SAP native technology thus no disruption of technology

Same Look & Feel like other SAP native Apps

No effort to trained for new UI

Seamless plug-in SKYVVA service into SAP without the need to install third-party software

Leverage the same technology stack like SAP thus provide the same stability and robustness

Monitoring inside and inside SAP enable bi-directional view into the data flow

With end-2-end monitoring "finger-pointing" is not possible anymore because you can check on both side and accurately compare the data

Monitoring on both side help finding error much more easier

SKYVVA iPaaS provide enterprise class feature like other ESB e.g. queuing, priority handling, re-processing etc...

Monitoring is the crucial component enabling you to find error in minutes instead in hours or days

Messaging layer decouple sender and receiver thus release blocking each other resource

Time-Based message processing give you the most flexibility to use system resources when it is suitable and does not disturb or interrupt the daily business operation

Handling governor limit by the SKYVVA iPaaS thus release developer from coding complex code to handle limitation exception

Three ways to connect SAP to Salesforce

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SAP ERP - Direct Coupling

No middleware, no third-party system, direct and seamless real-time integration of SAP and Salesforce.


SAP NetWeaver PO

SAP PO is the integration layer of SAP NetWeaver and enables the universal data exchange between SAP and Salesforce.

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SAP Hana Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud connetcs cloud solutions quickly and seamlessly with SAP enterprise software and solutions from other software vendors such as Salesforce.

Neue SAP - Salesforce Integration

All SKYVVA services are built natively inside SAP, SAP Process Orchestration and enabling seamless integration without disruption in technology. Existing solution on the market follow the principle of pushing their own platform and thus sitting outside The SKYVVA Integration Cloud App is designed to leverage all services, technology stack and enable seamless integration of business functionality of apps whether they are Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing or other ISV apps.

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