SKYVVA Integration Cloud

The Summer 18 release is now available in version 2.40.
The highlights of the Summer 18 releases in a short overview:

  • New web service integrate3
  • Change posting behavior in case of chain interface
  • Pass data from a screen to invoke Callout
  • Possibility of setting messages to cancelled if they do not match any workflows(instead of deleting)
  • Real-time data synchronization using Streaming API
  • ODATA/ REST Adapter
  • Change Data Control (CDC)
  • Auto-Switch operation mode based on Message Size
  • Simplify Error and Alerting handling (Salesforce Chatter Group)
  • Use SKYVVA Callout API inside Salesforce Process Builder and Flow
  • Enhanced scheduling capability for SKYVVA Agent (V 1.47)
  • Support of Stored Procedure for SKYVVA Agent (V 1.47)
  • Use Client-Authentication instead of user and Password for SKYVVA Agent (V 1.47)
  • SKYVVA Free Data Loader now offer export feature
  • Deploying SKYVVA Object now easily using direct transfer
  • Be unlimited now in defining business logic using Apex Class as formula
Summer 18 Release Note

SKYVVA Integration Agent

With the Summer 18 release, the following enhancements
are available with the new SKYVVA Integration Agent version 1.47:

  • Enhanced scheduling capability
  • Add function LAST_INTEGRATION_DATE() with both direction
  • Proxy configuration
  • All checkboxes on AgentUI need to click directly
  • Make flag use auto switch highest priority with agent
  • Agent log file will log by each integration
  • Manual Processing do like schedule processing
  • Lock -> Processing -> Unlock
  • Create button "Test Integrate" near button "Process"
  • Flag "Automatic data processing" don't use anymore
  • Change checkbox to radio button in adapter property(inbound)
  • Fractioned.xml files
  • Importing content documents and attachments with xml
  • Agent with the own folder for java
  • Support of Stored Procedure
  • Use Client-Authentication instead of user and Password
    (SFTP SSH-Authentication)
  • IChained with Integration Agent
  • Scheduler based now also on interface level
  • Change jCrontab to Quartz
Release Note V 1.47
gartner logo
gartner logo

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform-as-a Service
Gartner | January 2014

Following the "Cool Vendor 2012", the international analyst company Gartner Group selected SKYVVA for the newly created iPaaS magic quadrant 2014

SKYVVA iPaaS was again selected by Gartner as a candidate for xPaaS 2017
Gartner | October 2016

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