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The paradigm shift towards the Cloud Computing Model is an evolutionary process resulting into hybrid deployment models and processes spanning the back office and the front office. So a seam-less collaboration is imperative to realize the agility and cost benefits of the Cloud Computing Model. The Front office and the Back office depend on each other to be successful but they operate very differently.

SKYVVA Cloud Connect Pack powered by the salesforce Cloud Platform is enabling a seamless collaboration of a Cloud based front office with a legacy back office.

Supported Cloud based Front office apps are Salesforce-, ISV partner, custom- and 3rd party cloud apps.
The back office is traditionally powered by packaged business applications, databases, excel sheets, flat files, emails.

The SKYVVA Cloud Connect Pack links any kind of cloud app to any kind of on premise packaged or home-grown application able to consume web services, thus enabling the deployment of hybrid end2end processes. Connectivity provided either by a standard SOAP adapter or a custom-built adapter leveraging the SKYVVA adapter framework.

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