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Das Winter 19 Release ist in der lightning patch version 2.41.1 ab sofort verfügbar.
Die Highlights des Winter 19 Releases in einer Kurzübersicht:

  • New Features
  • Wrong date and time on Creation and Modified Date
  • Manual load get error when we upload format of XML file is incorrect
  • Issue in generating WSDL with the old way in ManageMiddlewareWSDL
  • Improve the Relate List component
  • Parse soap response base on Message type
  • Update SC_Mapping to support with new relationship of MessageType
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Wrong date and time on Creation and Modified Date
  • Manual load get error when we upload format of XML file is incorrect
  • Wrong Time and Date after change Time Zone in Batch Control Board
  • Add warning to Batch alert for Storage limit exceeded
  • Filter Interface and Interface Group is not working correctly in Inbound Processing and Queue Tab at Batch Control Board
  • Always get message error after deleted Message Type
  • Error on Pagination and No Content at Manual Load
  • Adapter SFDC2SAPPI always send the hard-coded test message to SAP-PI
  • Select All button get crash with too much records
  • Process logs attachments doesn't show correctly in Lightning
  • Change color of status Logs
  • Create New IStructure Sequence and Length mustn't be mandatory
  • Cut the view of the long string
  • Can't view Last Data record on Bulk control board in Lightning
  • Bulk Data Inbox section show only 5 paginations
  • Storage usage display classic page with message 'Request Timeout'
  • Display CSV or XML file in folder only when select Data Type for file type
  • Filter field on Query section in Interface details page doesn't show any value
  • Found some errors on Bulk Control Board
  • View long iData field which we store in Attachment not possible in Lightning but possible in Classic
  • Last Run Time in Last Data not displayed correctly
  • IStructure Repository not respond istructure from csv file
  • Many duplicate records show up in IStructure Repository when upload XML file.
  • Sequence number cannot be change to null when saving in edit Message type.
  • IChainInterface duplicate in some situation
  • Date Time display incorrectly on Interface Data Runtimes section

Das Winter 19 Release kann über die nachfolgenden Links aktualisiert werden:

Für Sandbox:

Für Production/Development System:

Summer 18 Release Note

Mit dem Winter 19 Release sind folgende Erweiterungen mit der neuen SKYVVA Integration Agent Version 1.48 verfügbar :

  • New feature in the current version are as shown in the following:
  • Enhance Agent to be a HTTP-Server
  • Server Configuration on Agent UI
  • Support Stored Procedure for Oracle
  • Use field "Package Size" on interface level with Agent
  • Upload database structure like table, stored procedure into the repository as message type
  • Use SQLite for the Agent database and Move all file base configuration to SQLite
  • Automatic move to SQLite database
  • Move Crontab file to database
  • Test Connection for every adapter from Salesforce
  • Agent with offline mode and online mode
  • Agent Schedule use properties file in SQLite database
  • Change Agent Scheduler to use crontab in database
  • Agent Support real bulk mode like Salesforce Data Loader
  • Create New button Export and Import Properties file in Integration Properties Setup
  • Streaming API run in background service
  • Bug failed in the current version are as shown in the following:
  • Notification For Operation : Delete doesn't work
  • After Processing: Backup File not work with Adapter Type FTP in Agent
Release Note V 1.47
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Gartner Magic Quadrant

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform-as-a Service
Gartner | Januar 2014

Nach dem "Cool Vendor 2012" wählte die internationale Analystenfirma Gartner Group SKYVVA für den neu geschaffenen Magic Quadranten 2014 von iPaaS aus.

Following the "Cool Vendor 2012", the international analyst company Gartner Group selected SKYVVA for the newly created iPaaS magic quadrant 2014

SKYVVA iPaaS wurde von Gartner erneut als Kandidat für xPaaS 2017 ausgewählt
Gartner | Oktober 2016

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